Monday, September 15, 2008

Sim State University: Chantilly Plaza Dorm

Kevin Becker, Jason Becker and Andrew Nova all chose the new and larger dorm on Chantilly Plaza Dorm over the smaller dorm that their parents had spent their first two years at. They did however make sure that they joined the Greek House started by Faith and Ella Dupiditas Domus. The plan was to move into the Greek House in their Junior year.

Kevin chosen to be a Philosophy major in order to help further his dream of being a Celebrity Chef.

Jason chose Mathematics as his major but was soon on his way onto campus to meet new people.

Andrew chose to be an Art Major. He figured he would meet more girls in the Art department and it would also help him become a Celebrity Chef like his cousin. They hoped to have a Cooking show together.

Many mornings found the three boys eating breakfast together. Andrew was never the neatest of eaters.

The boys also loved to go to the Campus Lounge and jam. They figured it was the best way they could make some money. Andrew's mother and their Aunt Darcy helped a lot with their musical skills when they where teens.

Kevin despite being a Romance sim found himself spending a lot of time with holly Jung.

They where soon doing a lot more than just hanging out.

Jason liked to get his term papers done as soon as possible in order to spend more time on his social life. Though he was the only one of the three not a Romance sim seemed to be the only one spending time with many different girls.

Marie Alioto

Valerie Montif

Julie Siew

And Jordan Bartlet. He wanted to take his time to find the right woman to raise a family with.

Andrew like his cousin Kevin found himself spending lots of time with just one girl. Cheryl Hurt had really caught his fancy.

It wasn't long before he found himself in love.

Andrew did find some time to do his term papers but it was usually right at the end of term.

Andrew, much like his mother love to play practical jokes. The cheerleader was always around and Andrew found her really annoying, he soon found ways of dealing with her.


Funny Picture

I had one of the boys work in the kitchen so while he had the time Warren McClelland went and sat in the hot tub. When it was time to get back to work he didn't seem to want to change back into his uniform.

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Great update like the pic at the end. Those sims do like to do strange things.