Thursday, January 8, 2009

Flylar: Family

Ethan: As a family we try to have dinner together, but three nights a week I'm at work so the family eats without me.

It's really quite sad, the night that I work late Lily stays up late and has a late supper with me. It's not unusuall for us to both fall asleep in our food from such a long day. Thank goodness the kids and my Mum are always in bed by this time, I don't know what I would do if they saw us like this. We would never live it down.

David loves his music, if he's not playing the drums he's listening to his MP3 player and dancing around the houes. When he put's those headphones on he thinks he's a rock star.

Catherine seems to be the girl about town. She's always on a date with a different boy. I try to remind myself how Ella was as a teenager and she had turned out just fine. Hopefully this is just a teenage phase and it will change when she get's older.

Abbey and the mail man Pao Mellon are best of friends. Every morning when Pao arrives with the mail Abbey goes to great him

My mum has decided that she would like to see Abbey have puppies. She has adopted another dog Max. He's a very easy going dog, never really does things he shouldn't more than once.

Abbey seems to be having a lot of fun playing with Max. I always see them running around the yard together.

A few days after Max joined the family I saw the two dogs dissapear into the dog house, I don't think I had ever seen Abbey go into the dog house before. My Mum just sighed and said "we'll have some puppies around here soon."

Lily has decided that she is going to make pictures of the family heir a tradition in the family. She's the only one in the family with enough talent to paint the picture.

Thankfully when Catherine isn't dating all the boys at the Chantilly High Schools she is often in the Greenhouse. She seems to love digging in the dirt with her Grandmother.

It wasn't long till Catherine had her Silver Badge in gardening. Her plan is to have a gold badge before she goes to Sim State University.

Bringing Max and Abbey together was one of the better ideas my mother has ever had. It has produce two very adorable puppies. Coco and Guss.

Abbey and Max both love to play with the puppies, it's so cute to see them roll the puppies over with their nose and lick their tummies.

Lily has finally reached her LTW, she has maxed all seven skill and has joined my Mum and I as perma plat sim.

It had been a long time since anyone in the family had seen Eric. Ethan was wandering around the back yard one night and his dad decided to give him a little surprise.

My little ones are now off to Sim State University. I guess their not so little anymore. I know their going to have a great time.

Funny Picture

I love this photo, I have never seen this interaction before "disgusted" I have no idea what she found so awful. No one in the family was doing anything unusual.

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sims2fan08/tacy00p said...

LOL Huh, wonder what disgusted her? Was someone smelly? Or maybe someone was kissing who "shouldn't" be? ;)