Sunday, October 28, 2012

May 2014: Birthday's and Graduations

Loren has entered her 2nd trimester and is feeling a lot better about her future now that things with Brandon are on their way back to  where they were.

Ivy is finding things getting a lot harder to do now she is in her 3rd trimester.  She is having a lot more back ache and sitting on the floor playing with Chloe doesn't help.

Liam Lind is now 1 year old.

There are four graduates form Chantilly Academy this year all will be attending Sim State University in the fall.  Penny McArthur will be entering the Dance program.  Gabriella Gorey will be entering the Fashion Design program.  Stewart Newson and Colin Pitts will be taking Political Science.

Brandon Becker had taken a small one bedroom apartment in the same building that Loren lives in so he can help out with anything she needs during the pregnancy and when the baby is born.

Diana Lind had been looking forward to moving to downtown Chantilly but a job came up at a new restaurant The Crab Shack in Chantilly Beach.  While at her job interview Diana found a small one bedroom  house that she was able to buy with a little help from her parents.

Madison Mather and Anthony Upsnott have moved back to Chantilly and have an apartment much to Anthony's parents dismay (they were hoping the couple would be moving into the family home).

Tamara has graduated with an art degree and is now working at the public school in downtown Chantilly as the art teacher.  Jacob has one more year at Sim State so they have a one bedroom apartment near the University campus.

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