Wednesday, October 10, 2012

April 2014: University

Spring 2014:  Frederick Becker is 22.  Anthony Upsnott, Madison Mather, Brandon Becker, Tamara Newson and Diana Lind are 21.  Jacob Flylar is 20.

Diana is in her last semester and Jacob is finishing up his Junior year.  Both are working towards a Culinary Arts degree.

Diana is determined to do well, it could mean the difference between working in a diner and working at a great restaurant.

Diana often makes breakfast for the dorm before the cafeteria staff arrives.  Any chance to cook for others
Diana takes.

Jacob is more focused on his fitness level.  With all the cooking he does he also does a lot of eating.

Poker is always a popular late night procrastination tool in the dorm.

 Diana is still playing the field, she ins't ready to settle for just one man yet.

Frederick is trying his best to change Diana's mind and give him a second chance.

 Jacob spends what ever time he can with Tamara, not as much as he would like as they live on different campuses.  They plan on changing that when Tamara graduates at the end of this semester.

Brandon and Tamara rented a two bedroom apartment on campus for their last year.  Many of their conversations revolve around Brandon and Loren's relationship.  Even when they have a professor over for dinner.

 For a few weeks their newspaper was being stolen, finally Brandon figured out who it was.

Brandon finally got Loren to talk and he apologized for his over reaction to her pregnancy.

Things aren't perfect with Loren but they are back on track.

With things more settled with Loren, Brandon was able to focus more on his upcoming final exams.

Anthony and Madison are enjoying having a little house to themselves for their last year or university.  No need to get dressed for breakfast.....

... or to study.

and plenty of time for just the two of them.

Just before final exams started Anthony and Madison hosted a party for their friends.

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ciyrose said...

Well all of the college kids seem to be doing quite well.