Friday, October 19, 2012

April 2014: Chantilly Academy Upper School

June 2013: Ginger Newson is 59, Miles Connor is 44, Tammy Holland is 28 Colin Pitts, Stewart Newson, Penny McArthur and Gabriella Gorey are 18,George McCarthy, Tristan Todd, Chris Mather, Melody Tinker, Chloe Tanner and Jessie Gorey are 15.

The Upper School is about to get a whole lot smaller.  4 of the students are graduating this year and that will leave 6 students. Tristan was sick the day the school photo was taken. (I don't know what happened to  her she just disappeared from the lot)

The grade 12 class are very focused on their studies this year, none of them want to risk not making it into Sim State University.

The Grade 10 class where not as focused and Miles Connor spent much of the term trying to get them to do even a little work during class time.

Stewart Newson was to be found in the computer lab whenever he had a free period.

Gabriella is planning on going into the Fashion Design program at Sim State so she is always to be found in the art room in her free time.

Penny spends her weekends at Sim State taking dance classes already, so her free time at school she just tries to relax.

 The only one who can get Stewart away from the computer was Colin, he just challenges him to duels of many types.

Jessie has a new crush.  He and Chloe have started dating.

With Jessie distracted by Chloe, Chris has started spending time with some of their other classmates.  She is often outside playing sports with Tina.

The cafeteria is the only place you will find all of the students together.  They all have to take a break from their fun and studies to eat.


ciyrose said...

I do like your schools a lot. The students look like they are getting ready for uni. :)

jungfrun68 said...

They grow up so fast!