Sunday, November 18, 2012

June 2014: Miriam and Justin

 June 2014:  Mirma Nova and Justin Flylar are 23.

Justin:  As it is the off season I'm always home for dinner with Miriam.  I know she loves it, it's hit or miss if I'm home for dinner.

After dinner Miriam will usually hide away to do more reading,  There is so much she didn't learn at University that she need's to know.

 I'm enjoying my quiet mornings,  I sleep in a little, make a hot breakfast and plan the rest of my day.

Most days I head to the new gym down the street from our apartment.  I can't let myself go, I have to stay in shape if I want to improve my game.

On the weekend we still try to get out.  Sometimes we even get Edward, Claire, Ivy and Daniel out for an evening.  Kids have certainly change our lives.

 The group think I'm crazy to go swimming in the middle of the night.  The water was so warm I just had to.


ciyrose said...

The lives of all the sims sure has changed and grown a lot. :)

jungfrun68 said...

I love that gym, what a view! Wish my RL gym had a view like that :)