Saturday, August 1, 2015

April 2016: University Part 2

Spring 2016: Colin Pitts and Kea Kwa are 19.  Brice Kwa is 4 months old.

Although Brice was a surprise and not the best timing Colin and Kea have taken to parenthood very well.

Colin's parents are often over to help out so they can get some sleep or studying in.

Time spent with friends isn’t as much as a party like it was the previous term.  Now it’s just study groups at their place.

Kea is actually glad she is out of the dorm this semester what with all the drama going on there.  Gabriella filled her in on all the details on morning over pancakes.

Both Colin and Kea realize how lucky they are, Brice takes regular naps so they can get studying in.

Brice also has started sleeping through the night which means they do to.

    Colin has a 2.3 GPA
    Kea has a 3.5 GPA
      not bad for students with an infant.

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ciyrose said...

I'm glad these guys have been making it work. I'm sure it's hard to manage everything. :)