Thursday, July 30, 2015

April 2016: Universtiy

Spring 2016: Gabriella Gorey, Penny McArthur, Ira Chin and Steward Newson are all 19.

A lot of drama happened in the spring semester.  All of it started when Penny was eating breakfast and one of the freshman started asking questions about Gabriella and Ira’s relationship. 

Gabriella came down for breakfast and asked more questions for this freshman. Annie said she was in a relationship with Ira and thought that things where over between him and Gabriella.

Penny went to Stewart to see if he knew anything about this supposed relationship.  He did but had decided to keep quiet.

Stewart said it was a private conversation between the boys when he found out about Annie and he didn’t see the need to get involved.

Gabriella then cornered Stewart in the bathroom to tear a shred off of him for not telling her about Annie.  What kind of friend was he that he wouldn’t tell her?

Then Gabriella went to confront Ira.  It didn’t go well.

Stewart was obviously immune to the tension in the dorm as he went back to his usually evening routine of playing video games.

Steward did nothing college related other than going to class and he is now on academic probation.

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ciyrose said...

Oh dear, university drama. It is almost never boring. :)