Monday, May 11, 2015

December 2015: University

1Fall 2015 Sr December 2015:  Penny McArthur, Gabriella Gorey, Ira Chin, Colin Pitts, Kea Kwa and Stewart Newson are 19.

2PregnantThe biggest surprise this semester was Kea’s pregnancy.  Even she didn't realize she was pregnant till she started having Braxton hicks.

2 Brice Kwa was born November 7th.  Kea moved in with her parents for the rest of the semester and the University allowed Kea to do most of her course work remotely.

3Cant Stop Penny couldn't seem to stay away from Stewart, at least for the beginning of the semester.

3Jealous Then things went weird with Stewart, he always seemed to be there when Penny was spending time with Clay.

4Sewing Gabriella has been spending more and more time alone in her dorm room.  Working on her designs or writing term papers.  Not much time left for Ira.

4TeacherIra didn't get along with one of Gabriella’s profs.  Travis is a designer for the theater when he’s not teaching at the university.


maisie said...

Surprise pregnancy for sure! Poor Kea, not knowing until that far along. At least she has her parents help and will be able to continue her education.

Funny seeing Stewart just standing there like a creepy stalker... I'm curious how that will pan out!

ciyrose said...

Oh those fun university pregnancies. Seems like the kids are keeping busy.