Tuesday, May 19, 2015

December 2015: Becker

1Becker Dec 2015 December 2015: Kevin and Holly Becker are 66. Claire Becker is 28, Edward Becker is 26, Julian is 4 and William is 1.

2BrothersEdward:  Julian and William are the best of friends.  They never fight over toys and are always running to hug each other.

2Potty Despite the age difference we are currently potty training both boys.  William just wants to do everything that Julian is doing.

3Date1 We get so much help from my parents so I’m always glad when the take the chance to go out for the evening on their own.  Mum always complains that all Dad wants to eat is cake when they go out but I think she inwardly smiles at it.

3Dance They always talk about how the music was good or bad for dancing. Lately they seem to be enjoying the music.  I’m sure they also play a bit of pool, it’s their favourite pastime and has been since their university days.

4Hotel We took the opportunity to spend a night away from the boys.  It’s the first time since we became parents.  There is a new small hotel in Bluewater Village that we decided to try out.

4Bubble Bath The first thing Claire did was have a long bubble bath with no worry about being disturbed by one or both of the boys.

4drinks We went down for pre dinner drinks and then dinner.

4Piano After dinner  I spend some time playing the piano in the lobby.  There was a young boy staying there that seemed to really enjoy it.  I think Claire did to.

snapshot_557d6f61_6260c13f The morning before we left Claire had a massage.  It was a really nice to get away and we will defiantly come back to this hotel.

5 HomeAgain The break was defiantly what we needed, we didn’t seem to mind the next morning when the boys came to our room way too early to play.


maisie said...

Claire and Edward seem to be doing well with the boys, and they are super adorable! Nice that they were able to get away for a night and relax, it seems it was just what they needed. I like that you have a hotel in BW for them to escape to when the time arises, easier than booking a plane for a vacation.

ciyrose said...

Smart idea having a hotel in Blue Water. I might have to add one to my Clovercrest just to give them an option like that. The boys sure are cute, and the family seems to be doing great.