Friday, April 10, 2015

October 2015: Gorey

October 2015: David Gorey is 56, Allegra is 55, Jessie Gorey is 16, Nicholas is 12, Daren is 5 and Vivian is 1.

Allegra:  A lot has change around our house in the past few years.  We have Vivian and Gabriella has moved to Sim State University.

Nicholas is now 12, he is such a mix of trait’s he does want to join the military.  I’m not sure how I feel about that.

I figured it was time for a make over, I’ll be 60 in 5 years and I’ve never changed my hairstyle since university. 

Jessie has been helping out a lot around the house.  I never need to ask him, he just goes and cleans one room almost everyday.

Jessie is even great with his younger siblings.  Daren always wants to dance and Jessie is always happy to join in.

Jessie has decided that he and his Dad need to get into shape so he makes David take him to the gym on the weekend.

Vivian is getting bigger everyday. She’s walking and starting to  talking.  I love how much joy she has brought to our household.  We never planned for 5 kids but I’m glad she is part of our family.

I have changed my timing for aging up to teen, I"m now making my sims teens at 12.  I have updated my last birthday post to age up my teen here.

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ciyrose said...

I like the new hairdo, it looks nice on her. :)