Wednesday, October 1, 2014

OCTOBER 2015: Diana Lind

October 2015: Diana Lind

Diana Oct 2015

Diana Lind is 23.


Fredrick and I have been dating for  a while now, things are better than they ever have been. We even managed to get a non silly picture done in the photo booth.

I was surprised after one of our midweek dates Frederick came home with me.  He usually has to work nights but he had the night off.

I really wasn't expecting it but Frederick proposed.  I know I want to spend the rest of my life with him I just didn't think marriage would come so soon.  

Date Night
I love that we are engaged, he really has changed since our university days. No need to rush into the wedding.

Girls Night
Our engagement was a great excuse to have a girls night out and share my news.

Ladies Night out
We started with a fancy dinner out. Miriam kept going on about the flowers.  I don’t even know what time of year to have the wedding.

Next we headed out for some dancing.  It was fairly quiet when we first go to the club but it did fill up later in the evening.

Madison spent most of the evening on this gravity thing.  It looked like a lot of fun, maybe next time I’ll get a chance to try it.

Saturday Morning
The next morning I’m not sure why I got out of bed.  I spent most of it on the sofa

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ciyrose said...

Guess that night out really took it's toll on Diana.