Saturday, June 1, 2013

April 2015: Newson

Spring 2015: Kyle and Ginger Newson are 59

Kyle: With the kids no longer living at home I have a lot more time to spend at the toy store.

When I'm not working at the shop I am doing my research on the hottest new trends in toys.

Ginger has been working a lot more to. She has taken on the role of mentor to some of the student teachers from Sim State University. Jennifer is the latest student, she is often over for dinner so Ginger and her can go over the day's work. I think she really likes this one.

We do still see the kids a fair bit. Ginger has tried to have them over every weekend for dinner. Jacob usually comes too, not surprising as they now live together.

Stewart and Ginger often have quiet discussions, I'm not sure what they are talking about but I think Stewart isn't enjoying living in the dorm they way he expected to.

With everything going on at work Ginger and I still find quality time together.

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ciyrose said...

Nice to see happy families.