Wednesday, May 15, 2013

February 2015: Engagements

After having two children together Daniel figured it was time to marry the mother of his children.  He took Ivy out for a romantic dinner and surprise her.

Henry and Meadow had always talked about getting married and having children and now that he has been added to the starting lineup he figured it was time to propose.  Despite their talks about marriage Meadow was surprised by the proposal, she thought they where just going out to celebrate Henry's moving up in the team.

I have been waiting for Ivy to roll a get engaged/married want; she is a family sim after all but no.  Daniel did however so I figured it was time for them to get married.

I haven't decided when the wedding will be yet.

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ciyrose said...

Such happy couples. :) It's funny what sort of wishes come up, or don't come up for sims.