Sunday, July 15, 2012

December 2013: Nova Family Christmas

 December 2013: Andrew is 62, Kerry is 60, Bailey and Juan are 24, Miriam and Justin are 22.

Kerry:  Andrew and I have been thinking about moving to a smaller place for a while now.  It’s a large house to maintain for just the two of us and our dog Darwin.  There are a lot of new buildings going up in the downtown area, the north beach area is looking like where we might buy I just don’t want to leave the beach.

We recently found a great place to go in the evening in the old part of Downtown Chantilly.  They really have cleaned it up but kept the old style of the buildings. 

We spent a great evening playing poker with Jason and Laura Becker.

   3We hosted what will probably be our last Christmas at the house, it wasn’t one of our large parties just the family.

4I know Andrew doesn’t play favourites with our daughters but he always does spend a bit more time with Miriam.  I think it’s because they both love the game of pool and could spend all night playing.


ciyrose said...

A nice family and looks like a good Christmas. :)

jungfrun68 said...

Very nice family picture by the Christmas tree!