Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Fall 2010: Chantilly Tech

Fall 2010: Henry Pitts, Addison Becker, Meadow Thayer and Hannah Becker are 19. Anthony Upsnott and Madison Mather are 18.

CTDorm.jpg Anthony and Madison have joined the group at Chantilly Tech. Anthony hasn't decided yet what he would like to do, he's hoping that his first year courses will help him figure that out. Madison has always wanted to be a Mad Scientist and has chosen Math as her major.

Coffee.jpg The first place to introduce the new students to is the coffee house.

Love.jpg Nothing much has changed for the sophomore group at Chantilly Tech.

Jamming.jpg Anthony and Madison decided to try things out at the open session on one night at the coffee house.

Boys.jpg Henry was glad to have another guy around, sure there where other guys in the dorm but they never seemed to be around, it was always the ladies.

Group Study.jpg The girls didn't seem to bug Henry so much for wandering around in his Pj's now that Anthony was around doing the same thing. Study sessions where much more comfortable for Henry these days.

1.jpg Madison and Meadow had known each other at High School but they where becoming fast friends now that they where living in the same dorm. They liked to push each other to get papers done faster and see who could do more assignments, it didn't matter that Meadow was an Art major and Madison a Math major.

2.jpg Loren always preferred working on her term paper when the computer lab was empty.

3.jpg It didn't matter what Anthony was doing he was always thinking about Madison. He is a family sim after all.

Open.JPG Henry and Meadow has always spent their time together but they never made serious commitments to each other. Neither one was bothered when the other spent time with someone else.

Together.jpg They did still spend most of their free time together.

HotTub.jpg Madison and Anthony found they enjoyed spending time in the hot tub together, it was just a matter of waiting till there was no one else around.


jungfrun68 said...

This looks like my Uni updates - term papers and woohoo with everybody

Anonymous said...

So true--work hard and play hard!

The jam bands in uni are so much fun!

ciyrose said...
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ciyrose said...

Nice updates, it certainly does look like uni rounds. All those term papers to write.