Friday, September 26, 2014

September 2015: Birthdays

1st Trimester[2]
Meadow is finding she is getting a lot slower and tired as her pregnancy progresses.  People keep asking if she's having twins, she's not just one baby for her and Henry.  Meadow is still working but she's not sure how long she can keep going.
I made a few changes in my game play so I am now aging up my teens at 12.
There will be five more additions to Chantilly Upper School.  Lana Connor, Matthew  Pitts, Nicholas Gorey, Molly Lind and Tina Traveller.

Lana Connor loves learning just like her Dad but she wants to be an athlete.  She hasn't told her parents yet as she doesn't know how they will take it.

Matthew Pitts is a popularity sim and wants a large family similar to what he grew up with.  As to career aspirations he hasn't figured that out yet.

Nicholas Gorey has a few contradictory traits, he loves fitness and yet is overweight.  He wants to join the military so he figures they can pay his way through University.

Molly Lind is outgoing for a knowledge sim and wants to go into the Entertainment industry.  For now she is focusing on getting her first kiss.

Tina Traveller likes to be in the middle of things and unlike her hippy parents wants to go into the business world.

Monday, September 8, 2014

September 2015: McArthur

Screen Shot 09-03-14 at 10.57 PM
September 2015: Larry McArthur is 58, Catherine McArthur is 56 and Jasmine McArthur is 5.   

New Clothes
Catherine: With Jasmine now in Kindergarten I decided to take her out for the day and get some new clothes.

Mum & Daughter lunch
After shopping we went to a new diner down the street from our place for lunch.

Next was the playground.

Jasmine play
Jasmine could spend all day at the playground if I let her.

Jasmine 2015
Even though she’s not a toddler anymore she still likes many of the same things.  She still love’s music and dancing.

She’s getting really good at painting too.

Not that she gets much but Jasmine is really good about doing her homework.  Sometimes she will ask for help but usually she just gets right to it when she gets off the school bus.

Larry and I decided it had been too long since we had been out just the two of us.  Penny was home from University so she and Jasmine had a sister’s night in and we headed out to the local Karaoke bar.  It wasn’t a busy night but it was still a lot of fun.

Larry insisted on getting sill photos taken at the photo both.  Once upon a time that wouldn't have been what we would have done in the photo booth.

end date
A lot has changed over the years but I always love spending time with Larry.

  • I realize that Jasmine looks crazy tall for a 5 year old, the pose box I used raised her up and even with an omsp I couldn't get her any lower.  I'm just pretending that she was standing on a stool.