Friday, October 23, 2009

Fall 2009: Sims State Frosh

Sim State Frosh.JPGSim State University was the school of choice for four of the Chantilly Academy graduates. Frederick plans to be a Professional Party Guest and chose Literature as his major. Miriam wants to be the Hand of Poseidon and is studiying Biology. Loren, like her sister wants to be a Celebrity Chef but also loves art and has chosen that as her major. Justin plans to be an Athlete but was happy to follow Miriam to Sim State, he is enrolled in the Drama department.

Lunch.jpgEating their meals in the cafeteria was a great way to get to know their fellow dormmies.

Breakfast.jpgOnce the gang had settled into life in the dorm it was time to plan their first party.

Loosening Up.jpgEven with all the people around Miriam and Justin only had eyes.. and hands for each other.

Great Party.jpgBy the end of the evening everyone was on the dance floor, it's amazing was a few drinks from the keg can do. Everyone was having a great time and no one was feeling anything.

first thing.jpgTwo people may have had too much to drink. Frederick and Loren found themselves having a little too much fun together.

Don't think about it.jpgThe next morning Frederick woke up earlier than everyone else and tried to forget what happened the night before. "We didn't do anything, we didn't do anything, what am I doing to do now..."

New Look.jpgWhen Justin woke up he realized that something had changed. He vaguely remembered someone cutting his hair, "Not bad, not bad at all"

Weekend Together.jpgA few weeks after the party Diana came to visit for the weekend. Nothing had happened since that night and Frederick thought he could just leave it at that.

First Weekend.jpgThe weekend was going great, they spent a lot of time alone together. Diana told him all about school, how Molly was really enjoying Grade 1.

Only a hug.jpgLater that morning Loren came in and gave Frederick a hug.... "I didn't believe the stories I had heard but it's true isn't it...." Diana yelled "You and Loren..... I can't believe it!!"

It's over.jpg"It's over, I can't believe you would do this to me!" Diana was yelling so loud the whole dorm could hear her.

Really Over.jpg"I'm going home now, I don't want to hear from you, just leave me alone."

It'll be ok.jpgLater that night Justin came up and gave Justin a big hug "You'll get through this" Justin told Frederick "If it's meant to be you and Diana will work it out, just give it time"

Hair Plan.jpg"Miriam, we need a change" Loren said one morning "We need to get makeovers"

Hair Salon.jpgA new hair salon had opened up in Chantilly so the girls made there way back to town for their makeovers.

Loren After.jpgFirst Loren had her hair done, just a nice sleek bob.

Miriam After.jpgThen Miriam, she decided to go all out and change her hair colour.

Brandon Loren.jpgBrandon decided to surprise Loren one weekend and came to Sim State. He said he told his parent's that he would be staying with his brother at the Greek house, Brandon had other plans.

Brandon.jpgLoren knew she had to tell Brandon what had happened at the keg party. She didn't want him to find out the way Diana had. Loren also didn't want to lose Brandon.

Serious Talk.jpgIt took a lot of effort but Loren told Brandon. He didn't know what to say. "I think I'll stay with Daniel after all, I'll see you in the morning we need to talk."

Next Morning OK.jpgThe next morning things where back to normal. Loren and Brandon had a quiet lunch together before he had to head back to Chantilly. "I spoke with Daniel, he said things can happen that you don't plan for and.... well.... It just can't happen again... OK!"

Fall 2009: Chantilly Tech

CT 2009.JPGChantilly Technical College is geared towards career specific programs. Henry and Hannah both want to be elite Athletes and the new College offers a very sports focused program, they also chose to add Drama as a minor. Loren is planning to become a famous chef and did not want to waste time in lectures when all she want's to do is cook but is taking Political Science as her minor. Meadow wasn't sure what she wanted to do but figured and Art's focus would be fun, really she just wants to raise a family.

Busy Caf.jpg Most morning's where a group session in the dorm cafeteria. Everyone wanted to go over what they had done the night before, which where the great hangouts on campus.

Comp lab.jpg Though only Hannah and Henry where in the same class together the four friends would often go to the computer lab together to work on the term papers. They liked to bounce ideas off of each other.

Pool.jpg School wasn't all study. Addison was spending a lot of her free time playing pool, most people wouldn't play with her because she was too good. Others thought she might have spent a little too much time and needed to work on her hygiene.

Getting To Know Prof.jpg Hannah was getting to know one of her Prof's really well. She figured being on good terms with a prof would help with her grades. It certainly didn't hurt.

Hot Tub.jpg Henry and Meadow spent many evenings together in the hot tub, even with the weather getting a little colder the hot tub was always just the right temperature.

Pre Workout.jpg As the finals before Christmas got closer Hannah and Henry where getting up earlier and earlier to fit in more time in the gym.

Challenge.jpg They find that they tend to work harder in the gym with the other there to push them.

Computer Lab.jpg Addison and Meadow both have a writing course and would work together on their creative writing. They both love to take ideas for their stories from the on goings in the dorm.

Coffee Shop.jpg The favorite hangout on campus was the coffee house. On the weekend when they all had a few hours to spare they would head over.

Getting to know Daniel.JPG Addison ran into Hannah's brother Daniel at the coffee house, she figured it would be a great time to get to know him. Also maybe get a little bit of dirt on Hannah.

Poetry.JPG Henry has found a new passion away from sports. Reciting poetry at the coffee house has gotten him quite the reputation on campus.