Sunday, October 28, 2012

May 2014: Birthday's and Graduations

Loren has entered her 2nd trimester and is feeling a lot better about her future now that things with Brandon are on their way back to  where they were.

Ivy is finding things getting a lot harder to do now she is in her 3rd trimester.  She is having a lot more back ache and sitting on the floor playing with Chloe doesn't help.

Liam Lind is now 1 year old.

There are four graduates form Chantilly Academy this year all will be attending Sim State University in the fall.  Penny McArthur will be entering the Dance program.  Gabriella Gorey will be entering the Fashion Design program.  Stewart Newson and Colin Pitts will be taking Political Science.

Brandon Becker had taken a small one bedroom apartment in the same building that Loren lives in so he can help out with anything she needs during the pregnancy and when the baby is born.

Diana Lind had been looking forward to moving to downtown Chantilly but a job came up at a new restaurant The Crab Shack in Chantilly Beach.  While at her job interview Diana found a small one bedroom  house that she was able to buy with a little help from her parents.

Madison Mather and Anthony Upsnott have moved back to Chantilly and have an apartment much to Anthony's parents dismay (they were hoping the couple would be moving into the family home).

Tamara has graduated with an art degree and is now working at the public school in downtown Chantilly as the art teacher.  Jacob has one more year at Sim State so they have a one bedroom apartment near the University campus.

Friday, October 19, 2012

April 2014: Chantilly Academy Upper School

June 2013: Ginger Newson is 59, Miles Connor is 44, Tammy Holland is 28 Colin Pitts, Stewart Newson, Penny McArthur and Gabriella Gorey are 18,George McCarthy, Tristan Todd, Chris Mather, Melody Tinker, Chloe Tanner and Jessie Gorey are 15.

The Upper School is about to get a whole lot smaller.  4 of the students are graduating this year and that will leave 6 students. Tristan was sick the day the school photo was taken. (I don't know what happened to  her she just disappeared from the lot)

The grade 12 class are very focused on their studies this year, none of them want to risk not making it into Sim State University.

The Grade 10 class where not as focused and Miles Connor spent much of the term trying to get them to do even a little work during class time.

Stewart Newson was to be found in the computer lab whenever he had a free period.

Gabriella is planning on going into the Fashion Design program at Sim State so she is always to be found in the art room in her free time.

Penny spends her weekends at Sim State taking dance classes already, so her free time at school she just tries to relax.

 The only one who can get Stewart away from the computer was Colin, he just challenges him to duels of many types.

Jessie has a new crush.  He and Chloe have started dating.

With Jessie distracted by Chloe, Chris has started spending time with some of their other classmates.  She is often outside playing sports with Tina.

The cafeteria is the only place you will find all of the students together.  They all have to take a break from their fun and studies to eat.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

April 2014: University

Spring 2014:  Frederick Becker is 22.  Anthony Upsnott, Madison Mather, Brandon Becker, Tamara Newson and Diana Lind are 21.  Jacob Flylar is 20.

Diana is in her last semester and Jacob is finishing up his Junior year.  Both are working towards a Culinary Arts degree.

Diana is determined to do well, it could mean the difference between working in a diner and working at a great restaurant.

Diana often makes breakfast for the dorm before the cafeteria staff arrives.  Any chance to cook for others
Diana takes.

Jacob is more focused on his fitness level.  With all the cooking he does he also does a lot of eating.

Poker is always a popular late night procrastination tool in the dorm.

 Diana is still playing the field, she ins't ready to settle for just one man yet.

Frederick is trying his best to change Diana's mind and give him a second chance.

 Jacob spends what ever time he can with Tamara, not as much as he would like as they live on different campuses.  They plan on changing that when Tamara graduates at the end of this semester.

Brandon and Tamara rented a two bedroom apartment on campus for their last year.  Many of their conversations revolve around Brandon and Loren's relationship.  Even when they have a professor over for dinner.

 For a few weeks their newspaper was being stolen, finally Brandon figured out who it was.

Brandon finally got Loren to talk and he apologized for his over reaction to her pregnancy.

Things aren't perfect with Loren but they are back on track.

With things more settled with Loren, Brandon was able to focus more on his upcoming final exams.

Anthony and Madison are enjoying having a little house to themselves for their last year or university.  No need to get dressed for breakfast.....

... or to study.

and plenty of time for just the two of them.

Just before final exams started Anthony and Madison hosted a party for their friends.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

March 2014: Frederick Pitts

March 2014:  Frederick Pitts and Justin Flylar are 22 and  Diana Lind is 21.

Although his apartment is not in the best part of town (east end) he loves it.  No sharing his space with anyone.

The only problem Frederick has is that he isn't a very good cook.

Thankfully for Frederick, Diana is planning on being a chef and is teaching him to make a few simple dishes without burning down his apartment.

Frederick and Diana loved to go to Karaoke night at the campus bar when Diana didn't have too much work to do.

But they still like to spend quiet nights in at Frederic's place, the dorm gave them no privacy.

Diana isn't always available to go out and Frederick likes spending time with the boys.  He and Justin go out a lot as they both live downtown.