Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Fall 2010: Chantilly Tech

Fall 2010: Henry Pitts, Addison Becker, Meadow Thayer and Hannah Becker are 19. Anthony Upsnott and Madison Mather are 18.

CTDorm.jpg Anthony and Madison have joined the group at Chantilly Tech. Anthony hasn't decided yet what he would like to do, he's hoping that his first year courses will help him figure that out. Madison has always wanted to be a Mad Scientist and has chosen Math as her major.

Coffee.jpg The first place to introduce the new students to is the coffee house.

Love.jpg Nothing much has changed for the sophomore group at Chantilly Tech.

Jamming.jpg Anthony and Madison decided to try things out at the open session on one night at the coffee house.

Boys.jpg Henry was glad to have another guy around, sure there where other guys in the dorm but they never seemed to be around, it was always the ladies.

Group Study.jpg The girls didn't seem to bug Henry so much for wandering around in his Pj's now that Anthony was around doing the same thing. Study sessions where much more comfortable for Henry these days.

1.jpg Madison and Meadow had known each other at High School but they where becoming fast friends now that they where living in the same dorm. They liked to push each other to get papers done faster and see who could do more assignments, it didn't matter that Meadow was an Art major and Madison a Math major.

2.jpg Loren always preferred working on her term paper when the computer lab was empty.

3.jpg It didn't matter what Anthony was doing he was always thinking about Madison. He is a family sim after all.

Open.JPG Henry and Meadow has always spent their time together but they never made serious commitments to each other. Neither one was bothered when the other spent time with someone else.

Together.jpg They did still spend most of their free time together.

HotTub.jpg Madison and Anthony found they enjoyed spending time in the hot tub together, it was just a matter of waiting till there was no one else around.

Fall 2010: Sim State University

Fall 2010 : Diana Lind, Tamara Newson and Brandon Becker are 18. Frederick Pitts, Justin Flylar, Miriam Nova and Loren Becker are 18, Daniel Becker, Edward Becker, Bailey Nova, Ivy Ngai, Juan St Julien and Allie Stone are 20. Melanie Ebadi is 22 and Claire Green is 23.

Sim State Dorm

Sims State Dorm.JPGBrandon, Tamara and Diana have joined the foursome in the dorm at Sim State University. Brandon and Tamara have not yet settled on what they want to study, Tamara wants to be a professional party guest so she's going to just wait and see what more of her friends are studying. Brandon is a romance sim but he's reconsidering his goal of whooing 20 different sims especially everything that has happend with Loren. Diana is a drama major, she has always wanted to be a celebrity chef but lately she has taken a fancy towards fashion.

Boys.jpgThe first thing that Brandon found himself doing when he moved into the dorm at Sim State was head to the basketball net out back.

Girls.jpg Diana decided it was time to get to know Loren a bit better and try to get over what had happend the year before. They where going to be spending the next year together and Loren had stopped any romantic contact with Frederick as she had promised Brandon.

Love.jpg Loren and Brandon where stronget than ever. Loren only ever had wants for Brandon even when he wasn't around and Fredierick was.

JustinMiriam.jpg Nothing much has changed for Justin and Miriam. They spend all thier time together and are thinking about getting their own place rather than moving into the Greek House.

TamaraJacob.jpg Tamara is encouraging Jacob to come visit his brother every chance he can get... thus visiting her. They spend the whole weekend he came to visit together and ignoring everyone else.

Ladies.jpg Frederick was trying to move on from everything that had happend then year before. He would go to the coffee house and spend his time watching all the ladies but none of them seem to interest him.

StillInLove.jpg Having Diana around all the time Fredrick soon realized that he was still in love with her.

Diana on the other hand seemed to be spending her time with all the guys in their dorm. She would sit down to breakfast with whoever was there except Fredrick.


Cupiditas Domus

snapshot_d589531d_7850c185.jpg It was the last year that for the current residents of Cupiditas Domus, thus the all importent silly pictures where put up on the wall in the kitchen.

Poker.jpg Juan and Bailey spend lots of time playing poker and making friends with whoever shows up at the house.

BubbleBlower.jpg Edward, Allie and Ivy have been spending maybe a bit too much time with the bubble blower. They don't really care though, their all having fun.

IntroClaire.jpg On the weekends Claire will often come and spend at least one night with the gang. That is when she doesn't have work to do for the next week's lessons.

snapshot_d589531d_3850b2f6.jpg Brandon and Ivy are as close as ever.

snapshot_d589531d_9850b6b7.jpg Edward has never been happier than he is with Claire. He finaly has found the women of his dreams.

snapshot_d589531d_9850b630.jpg Allie has also finally found someone she met Melanie on a blind date and she's a DJ at one of the clubs in downtown Chantilly.

snapshot_d589531d_f850c0a6.jpg All disputes between Edward and Juan are long since over, they find they take out any left over comptitive tendencies in the gym.

snapshot_d589531d_1850b87f.jpg Being knowledge sims it's not surprising to often find Ivy and Daniel with their noses in books.

Over breakfast one day most of the gang started thinking about going away for spring break... when else would the be able to go on a vacation.