Saturday, June 27, 2009

Lind: Little Girls

Lunch.jpg Sarah: I love the lunches I have with Diana after school. I get to catch up with eveything from school.

Diana Studying.jpg After our lunch Diana does a bit of studying for school.

Hula.jpg I've been teaching Diana how to do the hula. She's loving it but hasn't got it quite yet.

Daddies little girl.jpg Now that Korey works an earlier shift Diana is able to greet him when he get's home. I love how close the two of them have become.

exhausted.jpg By the end of the day Diana is exhasted and is asleep before her head hits the pillow.

Labor.jpg I went into labor Tuesday night. This time Korey was home to help with the birth.

Molly.jpg We have another little girl. Molly Lind, she has black hair and blue eyes.

Daddy Molly.jpg Korey is great with our new little girl. He's often the one to give her a bottle when she's hungry.

Toss Molly.jpg I love playing with my new little girl, I love the way she giggles when I toss her in the air.

Post Partum.jpg The one difference with this pregnancy is how sad I feel sometimes. Korey is always there to comfort me.

Still In Love.jpg Korey is very affectionate these days. It makes me feel so much better.

Friends.jpg Korey was worried about my sad moods so he invited my family over, Laura and I always have a good laugh.

Dinner.jpg Things are getting better. Family dinners with Korey and Diana help a lot.

Molly birthday.jpg Both my girls birthday's fell on the same day. We had one big party with family and a few of Diana's friends.

Toddler Molly.jpg

Molly Lind
6 neat, 10 outgoing, 9 active, 5 playful, 1 grouchy
Zodiac: Gemini


Diana Lind
Aspiration: Pleasure
LTW: Become Celebrity Chef
5 neat, 10 outgoing, 9 active, 5 playful, 1 grouchy
Zodiac: Gemini
Turn Ons: Fitness/Athletic
Turn Off: Stink

Miranda Mather.jpg Diana has made a new friend at school. Madison Mather, they love to dance.

Jokes.jpg Diana is great friends with Henry Pitts, they're always joking about something.

Best Friends.jpg Henry and Diana are best friends, but it's only friendship that either of want.

Flirt.jpg It's Henry's brother Fredrick that Diana has a crush on. I think the feeling is mutual.

Skills.JPG I've been working really hard with Molly. Korey has been helping too but I love spending this time with her.

LTW TOC.jpg I've also been working hard at work. I have made it to the TOC and my LTW, I am now a Hall of Famer.

Bowling Date.jpg Friday night we let Diana go on a date with Frederick. They went to the local bowling alley where all the teens hang out.

Bestfriends.jpg They seem to have bonded over games, bowling, red hands. I think the two of them would be happy aslong as they are playing games.

going steady.jpg They are now going steady. I think it's kinda cute.

Caught.bmp Unfortunatly I cought Diana trying to sneak out on Saturday night. She say's it wasnt' Frederick but one of her other friends. She tried to find excuses for not going back into the house. I think she's afraid of what her father will say to her.

Pancakes.jpg Sunday morning Diana woke up early and made herself pancakes, she love's pancakes.

Clean.jpg At least she cleaned up after making breakfast. I'm still not impressed with her behaviour Saturday night.

Grounded.jpg When I went off to work Korey and Molly where asleep and Diana was playing pool. I've told her she's not to go out, she's grounded.

Gossip Dad.jpg When Korey woke up he saw how worried Diana was about what she had done the night before. I think he put her at ease.

Teen Friends.jpg Korey and I decided that she could have some friens over but she wasn't to go out.

Couples Pool.jpg Diana and Frederick challenged Hannah and Brandon Becker to a game of pool.

Darts.jpg Diana was happy again, aslong as she could have her friends around she was ok.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Pitts: Busy House

Ashley Retire.jpgAiden: My dad has joined my mother on the retired list.

Sleep In.jpgNow that neither of them have to get up for work my parents sleep in every morning.

Love.jpgI always knew my Mother was strong but I never realized that she could carry my Dad.

Train.JPGWith Jordan on maternity leave again she's spent a lot of time teaching Colin.

Kids.jpgThe boys always have friends over. The love of Don't Wake the Llama's has spread like wildfire across the neighborhood.

Help Homework.jpgFrederick needs a bit of encouragement to get his homework done. Henry is better about that than his brother.

Brothers.jpgWhen there aren't any friends around the boys still find lots of things to do together.

Best Friends.jpgThe two of them are best of friends and inseparable.

Gran Reading.jpgMother thinks that if she reads to Frederick it might help him get into his school work a little more.

Labor.jpgJordan went into labor in the middle of dinner one night.

Matthew1.bmpMatthew Pitt's is our fourth little boy. He has red hair and green eyes.

Matthew born.jpgThe older boys think it's great to have another brother. If it had been a girl I don't know if they would have felt the same.

Jordan Bonkers.jpgWith another baby in the house Jordan thought that Bonkers needed a little more special attention. She makes sure she gives him a cuddle every day.

Bonkers Bed.jpgBonkers has been doing a few things he never did before. He seems to love our bed these days.

Colin Birthday.jpgWe had a big party for Colin. Lot's of family and friends came over.

Colin Home.jpgThe next day when Jordan came home Colin came running outside to great her with a hug. She loves all the attention she get's from our boys.

Boys.jpgThe three elder boys love to play cops and robbers. There's always some form of run around the house game going on.

Henry Birthday.jpgTime for another party. This one was mostly the boys friends that came over.

Henry Teen.jpg

Henry Pitts

Aspiration: Fortune

LTW: Become Hall of Famer

4 sloppy, 10 outgoing, 2 lazy, 10 playful, 8 nice

Zodiac: Libra

Turn On’s: Cologne/ Great cook

Turn Off: Fatness

Bye Bye Ashley.jpgUnfortunatly dissaster hit during the party. Grim came for my Father. I didn't expected it to happen that day. Maybe soon but not at the birthday.

Frederick Birthday.jpg

Frederick Pitts

Aspiration: Romance

LTW: Become Professional Party Guest

2 sloppy, 9 outgoing, 9 lazy, 6 playful, 7 nice

Zodiac: Gemini

Turn On’s: Swim wear/ Custom hair

Turn Off: Red Hair

Boys playground.jpgThe next day to distract everyone from the sadness Henry took Colin out back to the playground. They seem to have a good time.

Chess.jpgJordan tried to distract Frederick with a few games of chess. He didn't seem to be able to focus on it.

Sad.jpgThank goodness for Jordan, I was too upset to even think about helping anyone else and my Mother was devastated, she always thought she would be the one to go first.

henry Fire.jpgHenry thought he would help out by cooking dinner. It didn't go quite as planned.

Dinner less one.jpgIt was a very quiet dinner but we ate Henry's burnt dinner, it wasn't all that bad just a few crispy bits.

Matthew Toddler.jpgMatthew's birthday was a quiet affair, just a cake and the household. It did bring a few smiles to the family though.

Headmaster.jpgWe had the headmaster over for dinner. We figured we should get the boys into Chantilly Academy. They where accepted. They will be joining Abigail's boys and their all looking forward to it.

Colin Cat.JPGColin loves to play with Bonkers. It's a good thing Bonkers doesn't need any new skills for promotion, no one can get near him to train him in any skills.

Matthew Walk.JPGMy Mother has been coming out of her shell a bit. She's been working with Matthew on his skills. It wasn't long till Matthew was running around the house.

Talk.jpgNext she worked on Matthew's speaking skills. Now he's always telling people what he wants them to do.

Potty.jpgFrederick surprised everyone when he helped potty train his brother. He's really growing up.

Henry Matthew.jpgHenry has always had a soft spot for his younger brothers. He'll often go and comfort Matthew when he wakes up after a nightmare.

Game Night.jpgThe boys seem to think their grandmother needs more cheering up so they have introduced her to their favorite game. She loves it, I'm not sure if it's the game or just spending time with her grandson's.

downtown.jpgHenry and Frederick decided to head down and check out a few of the teen hang outs.

Fred Social.JPGFrederick being the romance sim started talking to everyone but no one seem to be of interest to him. Things where a little different for Henry.

rebuffed.jpgThe first time Henry hit on Melody she wasn't very receptive to him.

Red Hands.jpgHenry conviced her to play Red Hands with him and let her win a few games.

Pin Ball.jpgThen the two of them headed to the pinball. I think this was more of a favorite for both of them.

success.jpgThe next time Henry flirted with Melody she was quite receptive.

Friends.jpgOn the weekend the boys invited a few friends over. A smustle competition started on the front porch.

Medow Hot tub.jpgLater that evenign Henry and Melody snuck of to spend some time together in the Hot Tub.

Dinner Friends.jpgMother still isn't always up to eating with everyone even when Frederick works his magic on the BBQ.